About Us


Founded in 2010 by Tamrula Rideaux, Gifted Girls is a girls empowerment organization that uses creative arts, dialogue and media to address areas of concern plaguing at-risk youth.  The primary areas of concern we address are image, health, hygiene, and conflict resolution.

The program promotes academic enrichment and an improved school climate.

Through our programs and workshops, we have provided a fun and safe place for elementary, middle school, and high school girls to learn personal care skills, respect for others, positive social interaction and relationship bonding. In addition to these fundamental life skills, the programs promote academic enrichment and an improved school climate – all of which are designed to help girls become successful women.

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 “The whole premise for me behind Gifted Girls is for me to gift girls with the things that people think that I had. People look at me and think I’ve always had what I have now but I didn’t have that growing up. I learned from my role-models.”-Tamrula Rideaux, CEO Gifted Girls